peep us feb 25 & 26 & other news

hey uh. happy 2020. 

sorry we didn’t send you a new years greeting. sh!t was happening. 

jarcho started at brown–you can read about it in American Theater magazine. ben is on tour with ERS doing gatz again, christ. jenny is showing her art all over the place & is now a TMT Institute Scholar. ásta is putting people in clothes–like in will eno’s GNIT at TFANA go see it

but on feb 25 & 26 we’re gonna be together for 30 minutes at HERE to give you a lil taste of our latest project
MARIE IT’S TIME as part of the RAW festival 

like a rock concert but with more talking & freaking out

or like a goth sleepover for moms & other perverts
we wanna see you there. we wanna sing to you. go here for tix. ok.


ásta / jarcho / jenny / ben

photo by Karin Seastone 

Marie It’s Time | Feb 25 + 26 @7pm *
@ HERE Arts (part of RAW fest)

Written and Directed by Julia Jarcho
Performed by Julia Jarcho, Jennifer Seastone, and Kedian Keohan
Co-Directed by Ásta Bennie Hostetter
Co-Composed and Musical Direction by Jeff Aaron Bryant 
Stage Managed by Michelle Lane
Creative Produced by Ann Marie Dorr

(on a shared bill with artists 
Gelsey Bell @gelseybell mɔːnɪŋ on Feb 25 + 
Raja Feather Kelly | the feath3r theory @rajafeatherkelly / @thefeath3rtheory The McCarthy Era on Feb 26)
photo Karin Seastone

jordan didn’t write this email. after years of service as our Management Associate, ghost writer and muse, mr baum is leaving the minor nest. don’t worry we’re still gonna take credit for all his accomplishments. jb, you’re a prince.