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peep us feb 25 & 26 & other news

hey uh. happy 2020. 

sorry we didn’t send you a new years greeting. sh!t was happening. 

jarcho started at brown–you can read about it in American Theater magazine. ben is on tour with ERS doing gatz again, christ. jenny is showing her art all over the place & is now a TMT Institute Scholar. ásta is putting people in clothes–like in will eno’s GNIT at TFANA go see it

but on feb 25 & 26 we’re gonna be together for 30 minutes at HERE to give you a lil taste of our latest project
MARIE IT’S TIME as part of the RAW festival 

like a rock concert but with more talking & freaking out

or like a goth sleepover for moms & other perverts
we wanna see you there. we wanna sing to you. go here for tix. ok.


ásta / jarcho / jenny / ben

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SNEAK PEAK: Marie It’s Time at the Mark O’Donnell Theater (September 11, 12)

We know you love Woyzeckso we decided to take a stab at it with our new thing, Marie It’s Time. Like Büchner’s play but with more girl stuff. bc that’s what we do—

We’re gonna be showing a little sneak peak of Marie It’s Time at the Mark O’Donnell Theater in Brooklyn on September 11th and 12th at 7pm. Totally FREE, just like you are this time of year. There’ll be a curtain raiser by Jordan, and music by the guy from pollens. Jenny and Julia will be in it. sound by ben. Plus some other secret surprises.… Read on