Julia at Prelude 10/5 and other fall news

we’ve been pretty quiet since we freaked you out at the terrifying.
but listen:

julia’s gonna be at prelude on thursday oct. 5.
(prelude is this thing in midtown where a bunch of stuff happens)

jenny’s working on her beyond visual art
doing a residency at the Vermont Studio Center
(she also just did this stellar show at invisible dog’s glass house –
“jeans from an old show.”
there’s stuff on her website about it.)

back here at the homestead,
ásta’s costume designing “the wolves” at lincoln center
which comes back nov 1 – january 7.

ben just packed up his dreamy techscape mind on heaven at axis
but you can read the rave in time out
that show moves around
catch it wherever, keep all your eyes peeled

and on monday november 13, little theater at dixon place might get kinda minor
if you know what we mean

that’s it for now.