Hello; Marie It’s Time

hi dears

it’s been a minute. a weird one.

spent some time in the dark & now we’re working on a play again. we still like you so we wanted to tell you what we’re up to—

our thing  MARIE IT’S TIME is set to premiere next September at HERE Arts Center. it’s 3 of us at mics. there’s songs and some dirty talk about murder. now we’re back in the studio working on it. don’t worry we’re gonna take pictures.


Why do I love sexy stories about my own destruction? What can a mother be but a dead whore? MARIE IT’S TIME is a retort to Woyzeck that pumps hot blood through the veins of theater’s favorite murder-victim. Julia Jarcho and Jenny Seastone embody Marie, Büchner’s doomed baby mama, as the director and star of her own seduction, featuring Kedian Keohan as the backbeat and object of lust. Minor Theater’s cover goes for lonely, sweaty beauty, a melancholy that sparkles against the erotic pressure of performance. Original music composition by Julia Jarcho and Jeff Aaron Bryant.

(photo by Paula Court)


Text and Songs: Julia Jarcho (she/they)

Director: Ásta Bennie Hostetter (she/her)

“Marie” Julia Jarcho, Jennifer Seastone (she/her)

“The Drum Major” Kedian Keohan (they/them)

Music composition and direction: Jeff Aaron Bryant (he/him)

Sound Design: Ben Williams (he/him)