Jenny Seastone

Jenny Seastone is a New Yorker and a polymath. Her roots are in acting and her reach now extends to visual and tech-mediated performance, sometimes combining all these: Minor Theater’s Pathetic (2019) featured her video design and acting. Jenny often plays the Jarcho leading lady and has worked on almost all Jarcho’s shows since 2009. She has also acted for The Wooster Group, Daniel Fish, Lucy Thurber, Alec Duffy, and many others. She won a 2014 New York Innovative Theatre Award for her performance in The Gin Baby, dir. Daniel Talbott. As an artist, Seastone has shown her work at The Performance Arcade in Wellington, New Zealand, and in New York at The Invisible Dog’s Glass House, Uncanny Valley, Dixon Place, the New York ITFF, and has attended residency programs internationally. She is a Target Margin fellow, and a part of a remote residency program through the Arquetopia Foundation. She was the founder of the OBIE-winning performance series Catch.