Ásta Bennie Hostetter

Ásta Bennie Hostetter is a New Yorker who designs costumes and occasionally sets for money and pleasure. She is directing Marie It’s Time (2021) but that’s an anomaly born of necessity. Favorite costumes for Minor Theater include red pandas (Grimly Handsome) and Pete Simpson as a Ukrainian headmaster/incestuous jailer/adventuring journalist (The Terrifying). Costume design outside of this company includes Usual Girls (Roundabout Underground), Dance Nation (Playwrights Horizon), Miles for Mary (Bushwick Starr, Playwrights Horizon), Porto (Bushwick Starr, WP Theater), The Wolves (Lincoln Center), Men on Boats (Clubbed Thumb, Playwrights Horizons). 2016 OBIE Award for Design Collaboration for John (Signature). Also a member of Target Margin Theater & The Mad Ones