13P, November-December 2009

” ‘American Treasure’ is an odd, dense, oblique but haunting work… Ms. Jarcho, who also directs, is an extremely clever and bewitching writer and a master of stylized behavior.”
–Anita Gates, The New York Times, December 9, 2009.

One night, a Real History Detective meets a gumptious young vagabond with a harrowing past. Together, they’ll follow a paper trail of blood and tears that goes all the way back to this nation’s beginning. Or somewhere else.

Produced by 13P at the Paradise Factory, New York City, Fall 2009

With Aaron Landsman & Jenny Seastone Stern

Sets: Jason Simms * Lights: Ben Kato * Sound: Asa Wember * Costumes: Colleen Werthmann

Producer: Maria Goyanes * Associate Producer: Rachel Karpf * PSM: Jess Chayes

Read the interview with Time Out NY’s Helen Shaw here.